Can we endure life’s difficulties by thinking positively?

Life is getting harder and harder. While I was happy to have a deal with a new customer, one of my current customers said that they could not work due to the economic crisis, unfortunately. I think it’s time to think positively.

I’m sorry, but these are the facts of life. Now, when faced with such a situation, I think I can take action more quickly. I’m trying to get over it quickly so that I can find a solution as soon as possible.

I try to think positively. Even though I have a financial loss, I will be able to focus on the online business side, which I have not been able to take a step for a while.

  • I decided to open an Etsy shop now. I only have a few details left to learn.
  • I also decided to spend more time creating content. As long as I have energy.

For realistic goals, I kept my decisions to a small number for now. This is what I want to do in the short term.

Maybe there is a reason for what happens to us, as they say. Who knows, maybe the negativities will open a new and useful door.

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