The Joy of a Man Writing 12 Blog Posts in 5 Days

Interestingly, my work pace started to increase. So, what happened and I was able to work again? I can hardly stop myself and do my job with great pleasure.

I took a break from creating content related to my own work for a while. Recently, I made a new plan and started to move forward in that direction. In fact, the problem of procrastination that I experienced from time to time, and therefore the loss of motivation, was my trouble. It seems to have started to improve in the last few weeks.

The joy of writing
The joy of writing

12 blog posts in 5 days

For example, I have written 11 blog posts in the last 5 days for both my clients and my own websites. It will even be 12 with this article. Oh my God!

Even though it’s part of my job, I have a hard time creating content when my motivation is low. However, creating content is one of the most important pillars of digital marketing. There’s a lot of work to be done next.

Recently, I feel like I can move the world if this motivation continues. Should I be afraid?

No I’m not afraid. I am very happy!

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